Principal Message

The science and practice of Pharmacy has come a long way from extempore dispensing to manufacture of recombinant DNA technology based products. With the world seeking solace in natural products for all remedies, the pharmacists today are hard pressed to find ethical solutions   to  all  disease  challenges. The growth of Indian pharmaceutical industry is unmatched and currently it is supplying medicines to more than 214 countries of the world. On the other hand, the world is looking at India for medical tourism. The challenges for pharmacists are multifold.

We at University Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences are committed to produce quality graduates who can match the requirements of industry, hospitals, academia and regulatory bodies. Emphasis is laid on the overall development of a student through industrial visits, hospital training and industrial training. Co-curricular activities like National Pharmacy Week, World Pharmacist Day and games/sports activities form an integral part of academic calendar. Students are exposed to seminars/conferences in addition to routine classroom teaching. We provide a friendly and supportive learning environment where active discussion, investigation, critical and lateral thinking can flourish with the exchange of unique ideas. Although we are emerging, our enthusiasm knows no bounds, and our intent to provide excellent pharmacy education is indeed very sincere and strong.
I look forward to work with our students, faculty members and alumni to provide a congenial and comfortable learning environment so that the budding pharmacists can gain better working knowledge of the world around, thus preparing them for a lifetime of opportunities and personal challenges.

(Dr. Viney)